Best Smartwatch in Nigeria You Can Buy At A Reasonable Price Today

For individuals that value quality designer smart wearable watches, finding the right smartwatch can be difficult; especially when you are faced with lots of different options. What exactly is important to you when it comes to wearable technology?

At the present time, smart wristwatches have taken the center stage in the fashion accessory industry. A smartwatch has the capabilities of a fitness tracker, can run apps like a smartphone, and looks fashionable while being worn on the wrist.

Depending on what you consider to be important, these watches come with good design that meets great performance. In a word, wearing a smart watch comes with so many advantages.

For example, these smart watches don't just tell the time; they are also good with fitness tracking. As a man or woman that like fashionable wristwatches in Nigeria, you need to consider getting one of these.

Without too much ado, let's go into the world of best wearable smart watches for men and women in Nigeria.

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Best Smartwatches for Men and Women in Nigeria

Most Wearable timepiece runs on the Google's Wear OS; making them to tap into the world revolutionised fashion and health industry.

If you've been trying to find the right type of smart wristwatch that will fit your taste and healthy lifestyle, here is the list of best smartwatches you can buy at reasonable price in Nigeria.

1. Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatches

Fossil is one of the biggest and best watchmakers in the market. When it comes to wearable device on the Google's Wear OS, they are a big player using the software.

These new sets of Fossil smartwatches have taking the world of fashion and health industry by surprise. They are not only fashionable timepiece, but also good at monitoring health activities.

Features of Fossil Gen 5:

  • Loaded with Google Assist: You have the world on your wrist with the Google powered Wear OS Fossil Gen 5. In a word, you get on the go with the Google Assist integration.
  • Google Tile: You have the power to get information you need most, at aglance. This is useful for individuals that information is vital to.
  • Google Pay: You can use the Google Pay that comes with your smart watch, wherever mobile payments are accepted. In essence, you can load your payment card details on your smartwatch; and use it to make payments.
  • Google Fit: Uniquely, the Google Fit app within the wearable device makes it easy for you to get healthy and active. You can count your steps and track your heart points with it.

What Makes Fossil Gen 5 One of the best Smartwatch?

Design and performance matters allot when you are looking to buy a good timepiece. For one thing, Fossil has established herself as a leader in designing great wristwatches. Additionally, her collaboration with Google's Wear OS has made this a wearable device a most have one.

Of course, the Fossil Gen 5 has some other great features that need to be mentioned. Below are features that make Fossil Gen 5 one of the best smartwatch.

  • Qualcomm's Wear 3100 chip:

To begin with, it's powered by Qualcomm's Wear 3100 chip; the next generation smartwatch platform. This Qualcomm's Wear 3100 is based on new ultra-low power hierarchical system architecture.

According to, here is the quality you get - "In this hierarchical architecture, the high-performance quad core A7 processor, the highly efficient integrated DSP, and the new ultra-low power co-processor work in conjunction with each other to fundamentally look to re-imagine smartwatch experiences – enhance existing ones, bring-in new ones – while supporting extended battery life."

  • Deasign for men and women:

The Fossil Gen 5 is available in two different designs:

The Julianna HR is for ladies. It comes in a rose gold stainless steel case with a matching stainless steel band, a rose gold stainless steel case with a blush leather band, or a black stainless steel with an aluminium top ring and a black mesh band.


The Carlyle is for men. This sleek, well design smartwatch comes with a gray stainless steel case and a matching band; at the same time, some do come in black stainless steel case with either a black silicone or brown leather band.

On the whole, the timepiece finishes is great; in fact, it is on a high-end and it reflect the price.

Additionally, the band is interchangeable; making it a more fashionable wearable device. Also, the watch is waterproof to 3ATM; to the extent that you can wear it in the swimming pool, or in the shower.

  • Performance related features:

Running on the latest Google Wear 2.0 software, the smartwatch has the following features for best performance.

Accelerometer: It senses the acceleration of gravity to know the direction your smartwatch is facing. Here are more details on Accelerometer.

Altimeter: Uses the special instrument for determining altitude attained by your watch.

Ambient light sensor: These are the backing lights in the watch LCD.

GPS: Fitted with one of the best GPS sensor to provide you with your position, velocity, and timing information.

Heart rate monitor: For one thing, each of the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is fitted with personal monitoring device that allows you to measure/display heart rate in real time; or record your heart rate for later study.

As shown above, the magnificent features of the Fossil Gen 5 makes it a smart watch you need to have in your collection.

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Best Smartwatch: Where to Buy Fossil Gen 5

If getting to buy the latest Gen 5 smartwatch at an affordable price is what you want, then you can check out what Fossil has for you on Maybrands website.

As you may know, Maybrands is the only authorized Fossil seller in Nigeria, you are sure to get it at a bargain price.

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