Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch Review: Your Ultimale Guide Before You Buy

Fossil is fast becoming a household name in the fashion industry world. With the company's latest range of sleekly and trendy watches, you can be sure to get the best out of the watchmaker. In her latest designer range is the Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch Q (popularly referred to as Fossil Q).

The Fossil Q hybrid smartwatch is the latest fashion wristwatch that combines the elements of analogue and digital components to produce a unique piece of timepiece; not only to function as a time-keeping device; but also connect with your phone via Bluetooth and extend the capabilities of your Smartphone to the watch.

Fossil, the watch maker has been around for over ten years; and are fast becoming a brand the fashion world cannot do without. Without doubt, the company is making a positive impact in the fashion accessory industry.

This hybrid timepiece has revolutionised the fashion and health industry. This was made possible by one of Google's clever software known as WearOS. As a matter of fact, Fossil has consistently launched their smartwatches based on Google's Wear OS (previously known as Android Wear) platform.

This is a plus to the watchmaker. In fact, the company stay produces some of the best looking Wear OS watches in the watch making industry.

What is Wear OS?

Google's Wear OS or simply Wear OS is a software platform designed developed by Google to synchronize smartwatch and phone together; in order for you to get the best out of your watch. Besides Wear OS being able to sync with Android phones, it can also be paired with iOS devices. This is a great advantage over what the Apple's watchOS offers.

Riding on the advanced technology of Google's Wear OS, the wristwatch manufacturer has been able to produce state-of-the-art smartwatches. As a matter of fact, Fossil is leveraging on the smartness functionality within the WearOS software.

What else will you expect from a forward thinking company? The company has produced some of the best smartwatches; like - the Diesel On Men’s Hybrid Smartwatches and Michael Kors smartwatches.

Here is the baby in the house - The new Fossil Q hybrid smartwatch range. This is the latest smartwatch from Fossil trending. It has all you need in a fashion styles wristwatch - from fashion to fitness to fun.

Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch Review: The Bigger Picture

The hybrid smartwatch is different from the traditional analogue and smartwatches you see in the market in so many ways. Of course the look is more like the shape of an analogue wristwatch, but its functionally differs.

Before you buy your next wristwatch, take a look at the Fossil Q hybrid smartwatch review.

1. Design of Fossil hybrid smartwatch Q:

Fossil Q smartwatch does not have a display face like a usual smartwatch; but has a face of a luxury analogue watch, and a brain of a smart watch. In view of its external look and shape, it may easily be mistaken to be a normal wristwatch at first glance.

It's a uniquely branded smartwatch that has a sizeable 44mm face and a nice, easily-removable strap. Externally, the design comes with a crown and two buttons on the right. Unlike traditional watches, the crown has got two buttons on it that cannot be pulled out.

Uniquely, the watch hands move automatically to give you accurate time; at the same time, the hands' movement indicate notifications (when sync with your phone).

The watch glass is made of scratch resistance materials; this is great from a reliable watch-maker brand.

2. The Features:

Fossil Q hybrid smartwatch comes with great features. Not only could your preset them by yourself, but also could be automatically set to your own preferences.

Generally speaking, the attributes of this watch is in a class of its own. Below are the features of Fossil Q hybrid smartwatch.

  • Notification: You will not have to miss a call, text messages or appointment anymore. Your hybrid watch vibrates on your wrist when there is a notification on your phone.
  • Presets: You could assign a function to your watch buttons. For example, you may preset the watch both hands to move to one 0'clock whenever you have a text message.
  • Music Control: Uniquely, you can control your phone music volume, skip tracks and replay track; just by using the buttons on your hybrid smart watch.
  • Activity Tracking: Health is wealth. This watch comes with a pedometer; to track of your daily step count. All information will be logged within the Fossil app.
    Unlike the traditional smartwatches, fitness tracking on this watch is pretty basic. In a word, you can only use it to track steps and sleeping time.
  • Time Zone: Your watch detect and reset itself to your present location time zone. For one thing, this watch is accurate with time zone automatic update.

Therefore, wherever you are, the Fossil Q hybrid will instantly updates to the current date and time.

3. Performance and Functionality:

This carefully designed watch is water resistance up to 165 feet in deep water for short period of time. Or course, that is higher resistance than other smart watches in the market.

With the look of a traditional watch; a brain of a Smartphone, you can easily program it to do what you want a Smartphone to do.

For example, you may be able to do the following:

  • Find my phone: If you happen to lose your phone, you can make use of the watch button to find it.
    With this function, your phone has to be in the range of the watch.
  • Stop watch timing: Just like a normal Smartphone, it has the "stop watch" functionality.
  • Commute time: This watch can estimate the time it will take you to travel from your current location to your next destination.
  • Healthy goal setting: When it comes to setting daily exercise goals and calorie burnt, the watch will help you monitor your progress. All record can be viewed on your phone.

4. Battery Life:

It uses a replaceable battery. This is one great advantage it has over a normal smartphone. With a normal smartphone, you will have to be charging the watch battery like every other day; but with the hybrid smartwatch, the battery life is up to six months.

In case you want to track your hybrid watch remaining battery life, this is easy, just check it out on your synced android phone.

Pairing and Setting up your Fossil Q hybrid Smartwatch

Unlike some other smartwatches you buy out there, the hybrid smartwatch is easy to get going with. Here are 4 easy ways to pair and setting up of Fossil Q hybrid smartwatch.

  • Connect to Bluetooth: Easy and straight forward to connect.
  • Download the Fossil Q App: Visit Google play store and download the app.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction: You can easily set up your account by following the on-screen instruction.
  • Pair your hybrid smartwatch: Press and hold the middle button for few seconds; until your smartwatch vibrates. Also, the hands will move three times.

That's it, all done!

Feel free to watch the video below. It gives you better understanding on the beauty of your news hybrid smartwatch.
The How To and Features of Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch
Bottom Line

Fashion brands have shown a keen interest in wearable tech, and Fossil Q hybrid Smartwatch is a fine example of that. It’s well design and looks really good on a wrist. I terms of price, this watch does not seems to be overpriced, considering its functionality and used materials used.

After a careful review of this watch, it could be seen that it offers more that its price. With great feature matching the traditional Smartphone’s’ features, you could not be getting a better bargain.

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