Handbags and Purses Trending for Women and Men in Nigeria

To some, especially women, their dressing is not yet complete without hand bags or purse to go with it. In fact, many women have piles of handbags in their wardrobes to pick from for different occasions; and only few will say they are not a bag lover.

Today, we'll look at those trending designer handbags and purses in Nigeria; including party, dinner and office bags to use for different occasions.

But wait a minute, let look more into what handbags (or purse) are.

What is handbag?

A handbag, also called purse in some region around the world, is an accessory used in carrying personal belonging; in addition, it can be referred to as a fashion bag used in complementing ones personal appearance.

Since hand bags are used for carrying personal items, we can also refer to them as clutch or purse for women; and wallet for men.

Without to much ado, let me go through the trending handbags in Nigeria for ladies and men.

Trending Handbags and Purses in Nigeria

1. Fossil Emerson Medium Satchel Handbag

Will you like to carry an original leather handbag designed for ladies with style, quality and taste? If so, the Fossil Emerson Medium Satchel Handbag is for you.

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Unique for its originality, shape and size, this Fossil leather handbag top the list of our trending hand bags in Nigeria. When you look to buy a trendy, affordable and durable handbags, I recommend this bag to you. In fact, few of the well known Nigerian female celebrities have been seen carrying this black leather bag on the street of Lagos.

Cost: Was ₦96,500.00, NOW ₦49,875.00.

Cost in United State of America (USA): $209.30 (on Fossil website).

Note: Can ONLY be purchased from original Fossil bag brand certified seller in Nigeria.

Idea For:Parties, office and other special occasions.

2. Ankara Bags and Purse are trendy

Ankara style dresses are beautiful while Ankara purse and bags are alluring; that is to say, purse or handbags made with ankara are termed powerfully and mysteriously attractive, fascinating and at the safe time, seductive. Truly, the are.

As each day go by, the popularity of Ankara bags continue to grow. In fact, some Nigerian celebrities now rock Ankara outfits and Ankara bags at various occasions. Therefore, it is no secret that the Ankara revolution has taken over the Nigeria entertainment industry.

Ankara bags are fabulous; in general, these bags are perfect with dress sewn from the same fabric.

Cost: varies from ₦8,000.00 to ₦17,500.00 (depends on various factors such as fabric cost and design).

Note: Some Ankara bags have limitation of use; that is to say, they are beautiful in appearance when used with dress or shoe made from same fabric.

Idea For: Parties and other special occasions.

3. The Shoulder Bag

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When it come to everyday bag, the shoulder bag is the most reliable and functional bag of them all. For one thing, almost every brand has its own variants, which only makes it more difficult to resist buying multiple ones from different brands.

From time to time, Nigerian love good brands; and presently, the love for Michael Kors and Fossil branded bags are trending in the country.

Why are Nigerians getting fond of the shoulder hand bags? Well, they are big and fit in all your bare necessities and purpose.

Cost in Nigeria: ₦50,000.00 - ₦57,000.00.

Cost in United State of America (USA): $170.00 (similar product on Amazon Website).

Note: Can ONLY be purchased from original Fossil bag brand certified seller in Nigeria.

Idea For:Parties, office and other special occasions.


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