The best Michael Kors smartwatches you can buy (April 2022)

When you think of smartwatches, you think health and fitness tracking, prompt notifications without reaching for your mobile phone especially when you have a fast-paced lifestyle.

The smart watch space has been traditionally dominated by Apple, Samsung and other fitness trackers.

However, some people want the features of a smartwatch without the looks of a smartwatch.

One of the best smartwatches to buy in 2022 is the Michael Kors brand of smartwatches. MK is an established and renowned luxury brand in the fashion world. In 2016, it joined the smartwatch race under the wings of the Fossil Group. Now, Michael Kors smartwatches are among the pick for those who value the aesthetics of their wearables.

Here’s a list of our top Michael Kors smartwatch:


It is created from the same fabric as Fossils Gen 6 smartwatch. A bit weighty compared to regular smart watches, so you might not want to wear it everyday. It is a stunning timepiece and doubles as a fashion accessory.


Screen:- 44mm AMOLED screen is large enough to see all your notifications and you wouldn’t have to squint in daylight either. The touchscreen is responsive and if you don’t want smudges, you can use the crown and buttons on the side to navigate. If you use a voice assistant on your smartwatch, the crown can be used to activate Google Assistant. Round screen with digital and analog display with bright colors

Audio Quality: the watch can be used to answer phone calls when driving. The in-built speaker and microphone do not disappoint. The audio output is comparable, if not better than more expensive Apple smartwatch

Compatibility: it is compatible with iOS/Android devices

Connectivity: it connects to your smartphone through the Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi, GPS and runs on Wear OS by Google. This might be a bit of a strain to iOS users as the Wear OS might experience might not be as seamless on iOS compared to Android operating system. For android users it presents an array of Google functions, such as map, Google assistant, as well as YouTube.

The Michael Kors Gen 6- Bradshaw is water-resistant, so you can indulge in activities such as leisure swimming. It is also dust-proof.

Battery: the Bradshaw comes with a magnetic charger in it’s box. The battery tends to last for more than a day, depending on the level of usage. Charges up to 80% in 30 minutes.

Design: the Bradshaw’s unique selling point is it’s look. It is a stunning timepiece. This is what sways the buyers to purchase it.

Tracking: this watch isn’t very comfortable for work out and when used to measure SpO2, heart rate, sleep tracking etc. in comparison with Apple watch, the readings might be inaccurate. Hence, most people buy it for the looks not necessarily for it’s primary function.

Band: to distinguish itself, the Bradshaw comes with a stunning metallic strap with a foldable clasp as opposed to the regular rubber straps for smart watches.

Functions: apart from telling the time, it’s other functions are alarm, date, display of messages and notification, touchscreen, vibration mode and voice control.

2. MICHAEL KORS – Lexington 2

Also a stylish timepiece. It feels and is pricey. A lot like the Fossil Gen 5 except for the design.

Screen:- has a decent display with 1.28 inch AMOLED screen and 328 pixels per inch. Round screen with digital and analog display.

Band: it comes with a metallic strap you might need to remove some of the links to get a perfect fit for your wrist. Behind the strap on the clasp there’s a Michael Kors logo for those keen to show off their branding.

Connectivity: The Michael Kors Access Lexington 2 sticks with the hardware used by the Fossil Gen 5 along with a few other higher-end Wear OS smartwatches.

Michael Kors also included an exclusive app in the form of Michael Kors Access. This allows you to easily change watch faces and looks more conveniently than the standard Wear OS way.

Audio: The in-built speaker and microphone allows you make and receive calls when driving.

This watch isn’t built for activities as such because it’s quite bulky, the GPS isn’t very accurate, hence you’d have to rely on signal from your phone to be sure of your location.

It is water resistant, however it is advisable that you only use it for swimming in shallow pools and it’s safe to wear in the rain.

The heart rate monitoring is fairly consistent and accurate. Although, you might observe it is out by a couple of beats, and that’s not bad at all for a wrist-based monitor.

The battery can last for a little over a day, depending on the level of usage. You can tweak the battery mode setting to extend battery life.  

This is a stylish, all-round kind of watch.

3. Michael Kors Access MKGO

This is another step down in terms of hardware as it’s built on Fossil’s older Gen 4 platform. Nevertheless, it’s by far the best option for those seeking a balance between style, practicality, and comfort.

It is one of the thinnest smart watches in the market with it’s thickness at 7mm.

Screen:- has a bright display with AMOLED screen and 328 pixels per inch. Touchscreen function. Round screen at 43mm wide.

The Access MKGO has an on board GPS, optical heart rate monitor, n-way accelerometer, and altimeter, Wi-Fi, nfc, and Bluetooth.

Audio: There is a built in mic, but no speaker. The watch will pair with Bluetooth, headphones/earbuds and can be used for tunes while working out if you’ve forgotten your phone.

The MKGO is Google WearOS based and comes with the WearOS App installed, along with Google Fit and Assistant. There are lots of apps for fitness (including Strava), as well as music, productivity, agendas, games, etc.

Battery: The battery is quick charge, it takes about ban hour to get it fully charged which is good because the battery is only good for about a day. It also comes with a charging cable

Band: this watch trades flashy metals and stones for a simple silicone strap with a color-coded aluminum case. It is waterproof to 100ft. So you can go swimming with it.

The heart rate and fitness monitoring seem pretty accurate and it’s very convenient being able to swipe the screen rather than try to remember which button to push.

Unfortunately, Michael Kors no longer sells this device which may make it a little tricky to find. If you can grab one from a third-party retailer at a fair price, it’s a nice sporty fashion smartwatch with good value.

If you want a chic looking watch with an extra layer of bling, the Bradshaw is your best bet. Not something you wear everyday, same as the Lexington 2.

However, if you’ve a more active lifestyle, and are looking to get something different from the conventional smartwatch, you should try the Access MKGO.

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