Watch Strap, How To Get Your Right Size

Let us start by asking, What is your watch strap size? Why are smart watches important? What is a smartwatch? Best Types of smartwatches? for now we would only tackle question one,

Frequently, we ask our customers what their strap sizes are, especially when trying to adjust a mesh strap or a chain strap wristwatch and discover that not everyone knows their correct strap sizes.

As much as customers need to know and understand the importance of a wristwatch, it is also paramount that when purchasing a watch from a luxury watch shop in Nigeria like maybrands, you can provide the store assistant with the correct information they need to serve you outstandingly.

So, how do you get the proper watch strap size?

Fossil Wristwatch with

Watch Strap Measurements

Can you guess what unit of measurement is used to size a wristwatch?

Leave your answers in the comment section below.

So when next you are measuring your wrist for the perfect size, you might have to do a little math to convert the measurement from centimetres to millimetres. 

Errr. Maths! I guess it comes in handy sometimes.

Usually, the regular length of straps is 120mm by 80mm. he ideal zone is basically between 130mm to 180mm.

 Watch straps come in two custom sizes: 

  1. short regular and 
  2. long regular sizes.  

in some rare cases, we have them in medium, long and extra-long. Long regular is the most common.

If you have an old watch and are considering trying new straps, you need to know if a regular length strap will fit you.

Take a piece of string or rope, lay it across your wrist, then make a firm loop with it (not too tight or loose), then take it off and measure with a ruler or a tape to get the correct measurement for your wrist. 

Since it is changing just the straps, you will need to measure the head of the wristwatch, from tip to tip, then deduct the measurement from the total of your wrist (as gotten from the strip wrap)

Overall, the enjoyable thing about watch straps is, there are so many options, styles and materials that you can always find something to fit any watch. Whether you are looking to put a shiny strap on a casual watch or spice up a sports watch, there is a strap for you to explore. 

So remember, you should feel free to style your watch in any way that makes you happy. It's your watch to enjoy!

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